Yes, ‘tis the season to be grateful and generous!

Don’t you just love this time of year? Regardless of a person’s religion, spirituality, or just downright goodness, this is the season where people seem to be full of gratitude and generosity. 

And people open their wallets a little more quickly, whether to the sound of the ringing bell posted at the entrance to many establishments or the gentle encouragement of various organizations positioned to aid families in need. Admit it - it’s hard to walk past the ringing bell without pulling out some loose change, a dollar, or more! 

So why do we need reminders that tug on our heartstrings that there are those so much less fortunate? The organizations that are in motion during the holidays more often than not are willing to take donations anytime. Need doesn’t have a season…it exists among us each and every day. 

Perhaps it is the guilt of knowing the delightful gifts we will receive, the sumptuous meals in which we will partake, the warmth of a roof over our heads while sharing beautiful moments with family and friends that cause us to be more generous at this time of year… knowing full well that many won’t experience the same…or even close to the same! 

I love the expression “gratitude is my attitude,” however it needs to be backed up with action, right? Although the pandemic has justifiably dimmed the spirits of many people, that means we need to recognize where we can pitch in and help more! 

So here’s to increased mindfulness with a “for all seasons” attitude, not just when we’re reminded! 

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