Burn any bridges lately?

A tired but more applicable than ever cliché, “don’t burn any bridges,” is racing through my head. Why you ask? Well, to begin with… the global news feels more like local news; the internet and social media keep us connected to anyone and everyone – shall I continue? We truly live in a small world, and it’s getting smaller.

I hear from many of my clients they find themselves bumping into (and working with) people from their previous jobs – yes, it is happening more than ever! People may change companies without changing their specific vocation, so crossing paths is a natural happening.

As we hear, be careful who you step on climbing up the ladder because they will be there on your way down – or something similar. So yes, our reputations precede us and follow us; people will remember how you treated them way back whenever. And yes, some people hold grudges and cannot move on –  you know who you are!

We never know just when we will have the occasion to meet again, give a referral or recommendation, offer our endorsement, or give a compliment. Treat people well, treat people fairly, treat people with kindness and respect, and when they pass you on the bridge or ladder, they will welcome you without trying to shove you off!

“He who burns his bridges better be a damn good swimmer." - Anonymous

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