• DTN Program Highlights:

    Practicing Mindfulness In the Workplace - Yoga Pants Not Required!

  • Interruptions, distractions, and shiny objects that attempt to grab our attention are daily occurrences. The choice is simple; manage our moments or let our moments manage us.

    To be fully present, putting feelings of being overwhelmed and time-constrained to the side can be achieved, but not without a mindful commitment.

    Harnessing the power of mindfulness is an inherent human capability – everyone can tap into it and benefit from it.

    This workshop provides the tools to cultivate a mindful practice that will enhance each H2H (human to human) interaction and positively impact workplace productivity. The research on employee well-being lists the endless benefits of mindfulness, and it all begins with paying attention.

  • Workshop Topics:

    Each segment includes self-assessments, targeted mindfulness strategies, and easy to incorporate techniques.

    Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It Go…

    How to leave emotions behind that hold you hostage – controlling your internal dialogue and narrative

    Maximizing Each Moment

    Hello…are you with me, or are you just smiling and nodding your head? Mindful moments require a high listening acuity and an abundance of empathy…and that can’t be faked!

    The Generous Communicator

    High-stakes communication that maximizes mindful attentiveness as it contributes to your credibility and overall goodwill with both internal and external clients

    Mental Exercises

    Brain strengthening pushups – 1, 2, 3 and counting – learn techniques to improve your brain muscle memory as you rebound and adjust to distractions/interruptions

    Avoiding Burnout and the Afternoon Slump

    Learn how to redirect your cognitive energy into positive and improved concentration

    Hot Buttons – Love Them or Lose Them?

    How to use stress to your advantage…yes, it is possible to turn stress and anxiety into a productive (not debilitating) “edge”

    Celebrate and Recognize the Little Wins

    On-the-job moments of gratitude that impact your attitude and increase your on-the-job happiness all backed up by science

    Take a Deep Breath, Exhale, and Repeat

    Explore the benefits of a breathing focus that is good (actually GREAT) for single-task momentum and increased concentration

    Calm Is My New Superpower, and It Can Be Yours Too

    Claim for yourself (your happy self) the perks and by-products of “calm” – it is more than an attitude!

    Mindfulness Does Not Equal Perfection – Lean Into Your Mistakes, Own Them and Learn from Them

    Failing forward with self-compassion and dealing with self-criticism head-on