• DTN Program Highlights:

    Investment Dressing

  • The “New” Dress for Success to Complement Your Professional Brand!

    This program is designed to align with your established dress code. Because of the sensitive nature of dress, the topics are addressed to accommodate budgets as well as avoid any perception of body shaming.

    Tips are given on how to wardrobe, shop on a budget, select a tailor, classic styles versus trends, and industry-specific expectations.

    The “icing on the cake” is impeccable grooming. A quick and easy dos and taboos guide is provided as part of the program.

    A fun, interactive Q&A makes the program fun and allows for non-defensive engagement.

  • Topics, statistics, and a contemporary discussion include:

    1. From which angle are you viewed 40% more often?

    2. What are the two areas of grooming first noticed?

    3. What distinguishes business casual from casual dress?

    4. What is the correct sock length for men, and what about the new “no socks” look?

    5. Do women need to wear nylons (pantyhose) – yes, no, or seasonal?

    6. Ties for men – what is the correct length? What is the perfect knot that matches the proper spread of the collar? And what about the dimple?

    7. If you’re going for the open collar, no tie look, what is the correct undershirt – crewneck, v-neck, or maybe no undershirt?

    8. Does a man’s belt need to match his shoes? What about a leather-banded watch?

    9. What kind of fragrance is acceptable for men and women in a work environment?

    10. What is a professional bag for men – canvas bag, urban satchel, backpack?

    11. When it comes to jewelry, what is acceptable for men and women?

    12. What are the power colors for both men and women?

    13. What about wallets for men and where to put them – the back or front pocket of trousers when not wearing a jacket?

    14. When a fabric states “no iron,” what does that really mean?

    15. How high is too high regarding the heel height for women?

    16. What is the bend-over test for women regarding the fashion “reveal?”

    17. Sleeveless or not for women in the office?

    18. What are some of the workplace shoe criteria for both men and women?

    19. What is the correct trouser length for men?

    20. How cute is too cute for women’s fashion in the workplace…and club clothes?

    21. What are the best shirt colors for men when wearing a suit?

    22. What makes a fashion power statement for women…jacket or no jacket? What about dresses?

    Note: Topics can be added to address issues and expectations.

    Average time frame for program is 2-2.5 hours.

    Everyone will have the opportunity to self-assess and determine areas of needed improvement with new tools gleaned from program.