• DTN Program Highlights:

    Collegiate/Intern Etiquette & Interviewing

  • The DTN collegiate/intern program is so much more than the average “charm school!” We offer immediately applicable tips for all students/interns who are serious about managing those first impressions. We take the confusion out of those critical first step encounters to better enable the student/intern to maneuver through with ease and increased confidence.


    DTN can provide the training on campus/on-site - the format can include a “hands-on” mixing and mingling segment followed by a tutorial lunch or dinner in addition to the interactive general presentation. We also offer a cost-effective train the trainer certification.

  • Presentation Topics Include:

    Basic Etiquette 101

    Knowing basic etiquette is so liberating – what’s expected, what’s necessary and what will set you apart

    Perception Management

    Understanding the top three ways in which perceptions are formed – no it’s not fair, but perception is reality

    Dressing for the Interview

    Looking the part, choosing the right outfit, what’s appropriate per industry, power colors, accessories and grooming essentials from head to toe

    Career and job fair opportunities

    Self-introduction (your 10-second commercial,) talking with recruiters, showcasing your distinctive attributes, what to wear, arrivals/departures, advance preparation

    How to mix & mingle with ease

    Introductions, how to “work” the room, making small talk, appropriate conversation, remembering names, managing food and beverages

    Body language dos & don’ts

    Communicating with confidence, posture, handshaking, eye contact, fidget signals to avoid

    Interview techniques

    Phone interview tips, making a memorable impression, lobby etiquette, the panel interview, asking and answering questions, thank you notes, and follow-ups

    Communication essentials

    Clear enunciation, slang/jargon usage, clichés, diplomacy, generational differences and expectations, dos and don’ts of emails, texting, and more

    The interview lunch/dinner

    Table manners from A-Z, foods to order and what to avoid, napkin etiquette, handling of silverware, table conversation, alcohol etiquette including “when, how, if”

    Second interviews

    A second interview and impression is just as critical as the first one, so how to pull out the “extras” to wow them again

    Social media

    LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – the good, the bad and the downright ugly - what can go wrong and how to self-manage what’s public and published

    Intern etiquette

    Office etiquette, dressing the part, getting the offer, team dynamics, handling office politics

  • At DTN we are happy to customize the content to fit your campus needs and objectives at no additional cost. The average cost per a DTN facilitated onsite Etiquette Lunch/Dinner program is $2500 plus travel expenses. Each student receives a workbook at no additional cost.


    Many campuses offer the DTN Mixing & Mingling program as a stand-alone option with hands-on exercises in an interactive format. Light snacks and beverages are typically served which allow for a heightened focus on the selected content - each student receives a workbook. The price structure is $2500 plus travel expenses.


    The DTN Collegiate/Intern Etiquette & Interviewing program is also offered as a certification option. The format includes a day of classroom training with those to be certified and can be followed (the same day) by a campus etiquette dinner and/or mixing & mingling program (DTN would facilitate.) Certification cost for 1-5 individuals to be certified is $5000 plus travel expenses.


    We are also pleased to announce the DTN Collegiate/Intern Etiquette & Interviewing podcast series which is available on iTunes. The entire podcast series (a total of 12 individual podcasts) is yours to share with your student body via your campus intranet or in your career development sessions.