• DTN Program Highlights:

    Luxury Unwrapped

  • Great Expectations - Spectacular Results!

    In the highly competitive arena of luxury service, every detail must be meticulously addressed in order to achieve and maintain the reputation for excellence. At every level, in every capacity, in each and every guest interaction, flawless presentation and effortless grace are imperative.


    DTN Productions International provides training that addresses every facet of luxury service provision. Our series of seminars is designed to inform, educate, and engage all levels of personnel. Interactive activities make the training directly relevant to each person’s position, and ensure a cohesive, discernibly distinct style as a result —service fit for royalty and recognized as truly exceptional.


    With more than 20 years of experience in establishing benchmarks in corporate etiquette and behavior, DTN maintains ongoing relationships with some of the most respected names in business and industry, with a full complement of satisfied clients in the hospitality industry. DTN’s proven success in hospitality training is exemplified by ongoing interaction with preeminent hospitality venues.

  • DTN’s proposed program will be custom-designed to perfect the following skill sets in addressing the luxury market:

    Motivating and retaining the highest level of personnel through team-building and self-esteem recognition activities

    Displaying notable communication skills and the ability to interact effectively in cross-generational and cross-cultural situations

    Understanding and executing value-added, nuanced actions

    Anticipating guest needs and providing seamlessly subtle service

    Exhibiting a cohesive image and a consistency of performance

    Developing genuine attitude and empathetic behavior

  • Program modules will be structured to address the specific needs and duties of specialized service areas. Seminars can include any of the following topics (as a small sample of possibilities), each targeting a component of understanding and execution of luxury service and presented in an interactive, engaging format:

    Communication Essentials for a Marked Differentiation

    Etiquette and Protocol – Everyday Standards of Excellence and Beyond

    Non-Verbal Readiness, Approachability and Attentiveness

    Projecting a Professional Image – Visually, Verbally and Behaviorally

    Communicating the “Brand” with Ease

    The Art of Entertaining the Most Discerning of Guests

    Providing Concierge, Butler and Valet Services with Distinction

    Safety, Security and Issues of Discretion

    International Panache – Displaying Global Assuredness