• DTN Program Highlights:

    Presentation Skills that Deliver Results!

  • Methodology: This program is a combination of lecture, workshop, interactive exercises and videotaping on iPads for immediate self-observation and critiques plus one on one coaching.

    General Content Sessions: The nuts and bolts of becoming an effective presenter is covered first prior to the customized “practice” sessions. The General Content sessions range from 4-8 hours based upon selected content.

    Customized Content Sessions: The participants will be given customized assignments to “practice.” This could be either a full or half-day program based upon the number of people attending per department – ideally session size is 5-10 participants. The Customized Content sessions will focus on the participants’ presentation needs for their specific type of client and team interaction.

    Workbooks: A customized workbook for use during and post-session(s) is provided to each participant.

    Coaching Reinforcement: Coaching will be provided for each participant during the session. Additionally, post-workshop coaching can be provided one on one for each participant of the presentations skills session.

  • A Sampling of Workshop Topics Includes:

    Presentation preparation checklist 101 – a basic must for all presenters

    What you say and how you say it – showcasing your expertise

    Seated presentation effectiveness – managing the flow, territorial issues, handling up close and personal presenting

    Notes – when and how to use them

    The art of storytelling – a vital tool that hits the mark for audience engagement

    Comfortable equals effective – techniques that make this happen

    Learning to project the voice and the message

    Breathing patterns, maximizing the power of the diaphragm

    Knowing how and when to pause for effect allowing the listener to catch-up

    Verbal presence – speaking with fluidity, language that resonates, tone of confidence

    Planned vs. impromptu speaking – harnessing the power of both

    The importance of a “through-line” for congruence and message clarity

    Body language dos and taboos

    Rapport building – reading and engaging the audience

    Presentation outline and design – from beginning to end a GPS that won’t fail

    Development of speaking your “brand” with congruence

    Presentation skill etiquette – your turf, their turf, your brand

    Team presentations – a needed skill set when not flying solo

    Gesturing and mannerism do’s and don’ts

    How to use humor – when, how, if

    Moving beyond stage fright and into the limelight with ease – pre-presentation exercises to relax the most nervous of presenters

    How to handle the question and answer segment – without becoming defensive and while remaining focused

    When things go wrong – remaining composed, owning the moment, moving forward

    Audience diversity – speaking to different generations, both sexes, multi-cultural

    Self-presentation with charisma, influence and persuasion

  • Cost: A project volume-discounted rate based upon number of sessions will be quoted upon request.