• DTN Program Highlights:

    Gravitas... Do I have it?
    Do I need it? Where can I buy it?

  • Gravitas has become the newest “it” factor in separating oneself from the pack. People with gravitas stand up, stand out and simply STAND when others may crumble or hide.

    This session provides a roadmap on how to add the highly touted “taken seriously” quality into your professional resume of positive attributes.

    Those who possess gravitas are often described as the real deal, assertive, great listener, empathetic, trustworthy, high integrity, composed, has a presence, and is commanding.


    As you take stock of your professional brand, ask yourself, “do people take me seriously or do I sabotage myself?” Do you need to bump-up
    your “cred” in order to move things forward in your professional life? Do you feel that you often go round and round trying to get your points
    and ideas across? Do you ever feel unceremoniously dismissed?

    This session will challenge you as you self-assess from A-Z your tact, tone and temperament all in the name of gravitas. Your assertiveness, verbal presence and body language will get an updated makeover that will deliver results.

    Gravitas brings a certain cache to your reputation and if you already possess it, you know it…and so does everyone else!