Soft Skills are all the buzz and DTN offers the contemporary approach to building-up this critical communication skill set. Why are soft skills important? Because they provide the all-important connectivity to your BRAND! Besides, life is too short to not know what do!

  • Program Highlight: Practicing Mindfulness

    Practicing Mindfulness In the Workplace -- Yoga Pants Not Required!
    Interruptions, distractions, and shiny objects that attempt to grab our attention are daily occurrences. The choice is simple; manage our moments or let our moments manage us. This workshop provides the tools to cultivate a mindful practice that will enhance each H2H (human to human) interaction and positively impact workplace productivity. Interruptions, distractions, and shiny objects that attempt to grab our attention are daily occurrences. The choice is simple; manage our moments or let our moments manage us. This workshop provides the tools to cultivate a mindful practice that will enhance each H2H (human to human) interaction and positively impact workplace productivity.

    Program Highlight: Gravitas

    Gravitas…Do I have it? Do I need it? Where can I buy it?
    Gravitas has become the newest “it” factor in separating oneself from the pack. People with gravitas stand up, stand out, and simply STAND when others may crumble or hide. Those who possess gravitas are often described as the real deal, assertive, great listener, empathetic, trustworthy, high integrity, composed, has a presence, and is commanding.

  • Unique Services, Specialized Programs

    In addition to our live seminars plus our Train the Trainer option, we also offer a blended learning approach with supplemental online training designed to your needs and customized for your company. Read below for brief descriptions of our most popular programs!

    Reputation Management – Building Your Professional Brand

    Reputation = brand and it’s up to everyone to effectively manage theirs. The top ten brand items were culled from years of research and once discovered, aha moments happen. So what do they say about you when you’re not in the room?

    Read more about DTN's Reputation Management programs by clicking here.

    Mixing, Mingling & Maximizing Your Network

    Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, you’re faced with the daunting task of “working the room!” Learn the finer points of networking and mixing and mingling with ease rather than feeling the possible “attack” of fear.

    Everyday Business Etiquette

    Learn today’s contemporary approach to timeless issues and how to get more out of each moment rather than second-guessing what to do. Learn the basic dos and taboos that will bump-up your etiquette score!

    Read more about DTN's Everyday Business Etiquette programs by clicking here. 

    Presentation Skills

    Feeling a bit tongue-tied when asked to speak? Would you rather bungee jump than speak in front of a group of your peers? Well then take the leap and learn the art of giving successful presentations with our contemporary approach of speaking to one or one thousand!

    Multi-Cultural Awareness

    Would you be described as ethnocentric or a global citizen? If your company is going to succeed globally, your ambassadors must understand the subtle distinctions of foreign customs and mores that make all the difference in demonstrating international panache.

    Hospitality Etiquette

    Service, etiquette, and butler training for the truly discriminating hospitality professionals – we call it Luxury Unwrapped™! The tenets of this program provide the foundation for managing a variety of demanding tasks with discretion and aplomb. Designed for those who are pivotal to ensuring a satisfying guest experience.

    Communication Essentials

    The consummate communicator – the well-spoken and distinctive style is one that we recognize and admire. The power of communicating well ensures results and is a marked advantage in self-presentation. To be a stellar communicator it’s important to remember, communication is not a one-size fits all.

    Assertiveness Skills

    Assertive behaviors are easily recognized in people: respectful, great time management, accountable, collaborative, flexible, confident, good listeners, team players... does that sound like you? Learn to say what you mean directly, diplomatically with no qualms – be less stressed and more upfront!

    Beyond Customer Service

    A congruent message that allows no room for excuses generates the powerful voice of today’s customer service advocate. Because everyone wants to experience the red carpet VIP treatment, making it a part of your brand is a testament to how you value your customer base.

    Collegiate Etiquette

    The collegiate/intern program is so much more than the average “charm school!” We offer immediately applicable tips for all students/interns who are serious about managing those first impressions. We take the confusion out of those critical first step encounters to better enable the student/intern to maneuver through with ease and increased confidence.

    Read more about DTN's Collegiate Etiquette program by clicking here.

    Investment Dressing

    The “New” Dress for Success to Complement Your Professional Brand!

    Read more about DTN's Investment Dressing program by clicking here.

    Business Dining and Entertainment

    This program takes you into the risk-filled social environment that plays a more significant than-ever role today and teaches the dos and taboos that have impacted us all.

    Read more about DTN's Business Dining & Entertainment program by clicking here.

  • The Mindful Journey

    Join Deborah as she muses on the importance of mindfulness in our daily lives with evidence from everyday occurrences. Discover and explore how we each play a role in paying it forward by paying attention.

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  • About DTN

    Deborah Thomas-Nininger

    Founder, DTN Productions International

    DTN Productions International provides training on all areas of international and domestic protocol specializing in "Reputation Management” and communication effectiveness.


    Deborah brings to you over twenty years of business etiquette, communication and self-presentation expertise, rooted in behavioral science and successful human interaction.

    DTN organized the international etiquette training for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta for Coca-Cola and is a frequent subject of interviews, which often appear in publications both nationally and internationally.


    Deborah continues to spread throughout the world her contemporary approach to business and social courtesies via seminars, workshops, keynotes, webinars and podcasts.

  • Reputation Management

    Building Your Professional Brand

    People are often surprised by what they hear that has been said about them behind their backs! The better one manages their reputation, the less likely such surprises will occur and this book examines how to build your brand while managing your reputation.

    So what comprises a reputation? The Top Ten list culled over years of interviews and research includes attitude, approachability, verbal presence, sense of style, reliability, attention to detail, kindness, flexibility, global awareness, business etiquette usage, ability to mix and mingle, and much more.

    Your Reputation = Your Brand… own it, after all, you only have one!


    Reputation Management is coming soon -- put your contact information in the form below if you'd like us to email you when it's available!

  • DTN's Podcast Series

    Mini Manners for Maximum Effect!

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