• DTN Program Highlights:

    Business Dining & Entertainment

  • Increasingly business relationships are developed over a meal, at a sporting event, or on the golf course. Does your social skill set seamlessly match your business acumen? Are you equally comfortable at the conference and dining table? Are your table manners impeccable?
    This program takes you into the risk-filled social environment that plays a more significant than-ever role today and teaches the dos and taboos that have impacted us all.
    During an on-site seminar, this session is often conducted as a tutorial over lunch or dinner. Don’t let a social misstep ruin a promising business relationship.
  • Topics include:

    • Host versus guest etiquette 
    • Who walks in front when escorted to the table 
    • What is the “best” seat at the table
    • Napkin etiquette
    • Placing the order – which foods to avoid, who orders first, communicating with the service staff
    • Table manners from A-Z – the basics with current updates 
    • Appetizer conundrums and the sharing of food
    • Passing food around the table – left, right, or does it matter
    • Silverware usage – the dos and taboos, American Zig-Zag and Continental styles 
    • How to correctly hold stemware 
    • Alcohol and “no” alcohol etiquette
    • Dealing with problematic foods (select foods to be covered)
    • Bread/butter plates and how to butter a roll 
    • The art of eating soup
    • Handling accidents and food/beverage spillage 
    • Making seamless small talk  
    • Handling the check 
    • Appropriate tipping 
    • Business building and relationship building opportunities – maximizing the social skillset
    • Global dining etiquette differences – a mixture of countries/regional differences (optional)
    • Host and guest(s) of honor specifics…who sits where and next to whom, conversational protocols
    • How to read a wine list
    • How to give a toast to honor and/or celebrate
    • What to do with menu and name cards while dining 
    • Dining tips from amuse-bouche to chocolate grand pianos – the discerning diner needs to be ready for the unusual 

    Note: Additional discussion and tips provided for entertaining in hospitality suites, sporting events, on the golf course, and more.


    Average time frame for program is 3-4 hours.


    Participants will leave with comfort in their ability to seamlessly host with the best of manners, dining knowledge, and stand-out extras!