C’mon, hurry up, will you!

Yes, we’ve all had that feeling of being rushed along, haven’t we? Those people who tailgate (and I don’t mean the football gatherings), those who race through doors letting them slam in your face, and those who sigh with exasperation behind you in line at the market as they attempt to make their point! Aaargh!!!!

Don’t you love those moments when someone speeds past you on the road only to end up sitting side by side with you at the red light? Yes, the “hurry up and wait” approach is exhibited regularly by many. But oh, so stressful it is!

And, of course, people often don’t wait for a response to your email…they email you again, perhaps message you to see if you’ve read their communication or stop by your cubicle.

Studies show impatience is at an all-time high with no sign of it letting up. Yikes…what are we to do?

My tips just might help…

Kindness and patience go hand in hand – I ignore their impatience and give them an extra dose of kindness with a smile

  • Practice mindfulness – it is powerful and works to calm
  • People with bad manners on the road or in the office probably have bad manners everywhere – be the example of good manners (and avoid a car accident or office issues)
  • Don’t let the impatient behavior of others control your attitude – take a deep breath and stay true to you
  • Counting to ten (maybe twenty) never hurts before you blurt out something you will regret later

You’ve got this!

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