Don't be a Grinch, be an elf!

When recently going through the drive-through at Starbucks, I was greeted by the barista with a “what’s up with people today? Why is everyone being so rude?” Please allow me to explain – due to my frequent stops at Starbucks, they know me by name and drink of choice. So the lively banter with the barista was not atypical, and together we shared our holiday observations.

In fact, just making the short drive to Starbucks was an adventure in horns blaring, people dodging the traffic. C’mon people, please! Are you really that irritated? And are you really that surprised that weekend traffic close to any shopping destination will be chaotic during December?

Bah humbug, you say? Well, maybe this will put things into perspective. Check out the website. This site has received much-deserved recognition as it provides each of us the unique opportunity to read and respond to letters sent to Santa. Yes, Santa, the man in red who conjures up visions of hope for children that they won’t be forgotten.

This year, the site has received extra attention due to the letters arriving that rather than children asking for toys, they are desperate for bare necessities like heat, electricity, and food. Those letters are from the effects of the pandemic. I double-dare you to read any of those letters and have a dry eye at the end.

The site provides a variety of online options where you can make a difference.

My thoughts…if people would stop for a moment and not think of their traffic inconvenience or how tired they are from shopping, and they just want to get home, but instead ask themselves, “what can I do to help keep the spirit of the season alive?” – well, that would be AWESOME!

And better yet, what can I provide as my gift to someone, somewhere who hopes (and believes) that their letter will be read – that someone will care.

So yes, don’t be a Grinch…be an elf this season! You’ll be making a difference, and doesn’t that feel great!

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