Hello, 2022, we’ve been eagerly expecting you!

And by the way, 2021 didn’t turn out quite the way we thought (hoped) it would…am I right?

As we tiptoe into this new year, no doubt we are feeling a little uncertain as to how things will unfold, given the current pandemic landscape. Last year we needed to buckle up because it was a constant roller coaster ride of ups and downs.

But here are a few of my positive takeaways from 2021…

  • my resilience was tested, and I came out on top
  • I practiced my patience and learned to pause
  • due to lack of business traveling, I had time to develop oodles of new soft skills programs
  • gratitude became more of a daily focus as I consistently pushed negativity away…far away
  • my webinars were embraced, replacing (temporarily) in-person, on-site training
  • I found new ways to connect and stay in touch and discovered how isolated many people have felt
  • I practiced mindfulness and made calm my new superpower
  • my optimism grew even stronger, much to the chagrin of some people – no, not everyone likes my positivity
  • I was encouraged by the human spirit that came together during the countless tragedies
  • the power of the expression “we’re all in this together” brought us closer together as we shared our stories

So, yes, 2022, we are ready for you…bring it on!

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