Welcome to 2021…are your goals set?

I have that little extra pop of excitement that I intend to materialize into results this year that I’d like to share with you. In light of what we have all endured in 2020, I remain not only hopeful but also grateful for another year ahead.

Like many people, 2020 brought about an enormous amount of self-reflection and readjusted goals. Our resilience was tested, and the needed social distancing and isolation impacted our attitudes. I asked myself what I was learning, how I was growing, and how could I turn 2021 into a productive year.

So let’s get to it…our goals for 2021. Ideally, those plans were already unfolding before 2020 was ushered out. But just in case you’re a tad behind, it’s never too late to start from the current moment. Personally, I use a daily plan, a weekly plan, a monthly plan, a quarterly plan, a yearly plan, and a two-year plan to help keep me on target. And my bucket list is HUGE! Yes, I’m a planner!

You may ask, “Do you achieve most of the action items within your plan?” No, but I come considerably closer than I would have without the careful (and spontaneous) planning. Did you notice how I snuck in “spontaneous?” Yes, planning in the spur of the moment as a need is identified or a change is required can be liberating and exhilarating!

If organization is not your strong suit, try planning by using a timeline. Here’s an example: you want to read a specific book within 14 days – divide the number of pages or chapters into the 14 days to determine what you need to read daily. Record your goal and check your progress daily. The daily habit of self-assessment using a timeline will support your action plans and keep you focused. Not to mention, a daily self-assessment bumps up accountability!

And I invite you to attend my soft skills webinars – oodles of topics! Setting goals is included in my January menu! Visit my website to learn more – www.dtn-productions.com

Here’s to 2021 – a year of progress, promise, and endless possibilities!

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