The art of being gracious – need I say more?

Yes, there is an art to being gracious, but first, it begins with the desire to be gracious. So this means precisely what you’re asking?

Here are my thoughts:

  • Being gracious means sincerely thanking someone for a less than desirable gift when deep down you wish they had given you a gift card instead
  • Being gracious is letting someone cut in front of you without giving them the “look” (or tripping them!)
  • Being gracious is making eye contact and saying “thank you” when someone hands you something, anything – maybe your coffee at Starbucks, for example
  • Being gracious is treating your guest(s) to lunch, dinner, drinks with absolutely no expectation of reciprocation
  • Being gracious is responding with a simple “thank you,” “that’s kind of you” upon receiving a compliment rather than dismissing their comment or delving into an extended detailed response
  • Being gracious means you introduce people to each other who have never met rather than letting them feel awkward as they stand there
  • Being gracious means you take the time to acknowledge people – on elevators, in the hallways, in meetings (virtual meetings too) – “good morning,” “hello,” nod of the head, a smile
  • Being gracious requires being aware of your inside voice and your vocal impact on others around you – you may need to bring it down a bit (yes, you!)
  • Being gracious means, you can artfully move a conversation away from negativity and gossip without insulting anyone’s ego
  • Being gracious means, you help facilitate small talk recognizing some people are shy and uncomfortable and don’t know what to say
  • Being gracious means, you know how to give your opinions without being belittling or condescending to those with whom you disagree
  • Being gracious means, you use more words that show respect and thoughtfulness than is the norm in today’s world of increased brevity


  • Being gracious means, you know how to be in the moment to grab and fulfill each gracious opportunity

I would love to hear from you with your “being gracious” additions!

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