Simply stated…be happy!

Yes, we hear it often, even in song…don’t worry, be happy! It is a philosophy that resonates more with me with each passing day. Could it be my age, career results, and healthy family that allows me to relax and be happy? Maybe in part, but…let’s examine more.

  • I choose to be happy even in the face of negativity
  • I choose to look at the glass as half-full appreciating the fact that it contains anything!
  • I choose to find the best in people until they prove me wrong
  • I choose to approach a problem with a resolution in mind rather than giving up
  • I choose to smile at people rather than scowl
  • I choose to avoid petty gossip and snarky comments
  • I choose to take time for myself to recharge my batteries and reboot my positivity
  • I choose to recognize the humanity in others, acknowledging that no one is perfect or immune from making mistakes
  • I choose to be patient with people – this is my most challenging choice of all as, by nature, I’m not a patient person
  • I choose to breathe in the beauty of nature that surrounds me each day
  • I choose to look around me and appreciate the wonder of the world’s diversity
  • I choose to be constantly amazed and inspired by the random acts of kindness demonstrated by others
  • I choose to be mindful of my footprint on Mother Earth while inhabiting this wondrous space
  • I choose to laugh at myself, often giggle, and in general, lighten up
  • I choose to embrace each moment, recognizing it comes only once
  • I choose to look forward to learning from the past but leaving it behind

Yes, I choose to be happy, and although from the outside one can assume things of others, but remember in each life, there is a story. And being happy is a choice that we each get to make as part of our story.

What makes you happy?

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