Combating negativity… no, it’s not an April Fools’ joke!

Here we are… the month of April and time for a bit of fun on April Fools’ Day. But this blog post is not an April Fools’ joke!

So combating negativity with friends, family, co-workers – HOW to manage that is the question, right? Well, my tips are super simple and probably nothing you haven’t heard before, so here goes:

  • Never waste your time trying to change anyone else’s behavior – you can only manage your own
  • Don’t feed the bears, and by that, I mean letting them off the hook or saying it’s okay to “their excuses, their whining, their pity parties”
  • Careful with silence – often as they complain, they perceive your silence to mean you agree with their pessimistic point of view
  • Learn to bypass the naysayers and circumvent the roadblocks they put in your way – some deliberately try to hold people back because of their envy, insecurity, and overall weakness
  • Be your own best cheerleader when in the face of gloom and doom – rah, rah, wave those pom poms!
  • Practice assertiveness by speaking up when you disagree with their opinions – the more often you are assertively optimistic with them, they will take their negativity elsewhere
  • Avoid negative gossip without exception – don’t participate even by just listening without responding…a “no” response is actually a colossal character indicator

So combating negativity, it’s something we all have to do in one way or the other. And it requires courage and more than a bit of effort. No fooling!

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