Is that your confidence showing, or are you just happy to see me?

Confidence, ego, or hubris…how do we determine which one we are demonstrating, or do they eachpossess similar identifying traits?

When we think of a person displaying hubris or an out-of-control ego, it is not a lovely picture in our minds. Yet a person exhibiting confidence is a far more positive image. So what are the distinguishing differences?

By definition, hubris is exaggerated confidence, and ego is one’s perception of oneself versus reality (hopefully, they match). Healthy egos are necessary for people to establish that feeling of self-confidence, but when the ego becomes unhealthy, the self-absorbed attitudes are painfully obvious.

Confidence is contagious – so spread it around! We all benefit from being around confident people. More energy, a positive approach, a higher level of composure, and, for some, a greater focus are a few of the observable behaviors of confident people. Who wouldn’t benefit from “catching” some of that?

As observers, we can tell when a puffed-up, full of themself person tries to grandstand – it becomes ALL about them! The back and forth communication moment becomes tilted to one side, leaving no room for the inclusion of others and their opinions. Hence the exaggerated ego – so yes, hubris is relatively transparent.

The truly confident person isn’t threatened by feedback, opinions that differ from their own, healthy debates – in fact, they more than often welcome them!

The confident person knows they do not know it all and delights in learning from others. They know when to say “I don’t know,” and they don’t feel less confident because of such an admission. They can humanize their communication to remain confident, but without allowing their ego or any hubris to get in the way.

So yes, display your confidence allowing room for others to join in. Eliminate anything within your communication style that is polarizing – that may mean some self-censoring!

Be confident!

Be kind!

Be respectful!

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