Interviewing in today’s world…what to wear?

Etiquette is such a big piece of my collegiate and corporate programs, but admittedly I’m surprised that in 2022 dress remains such a hot topic. One would think that we would know by now HOW to dress professionally, wouldn’t we? Especially for an interview! 

I am passionate about GenZ and love each opportunity I’m afforded (and invited) to impart a few recommendations and thoughts in my collegiate program. 

And with the work-from-home model, dress has become quite the conundrum!

So for fun, the following is a quick list of questions to test your fashion and self-presentation knowledge: 

  1. From which angle are you viewed 40% more often?
  2. What are the two areas of grooming first noticed? 
  3. What is the correct sock length for men – or socks…who needs them!
  4. Is it okay for women to wear sleeveless outfits for the interview?
  5. Are ties necessary for men in an interview, and what is the correct length?
  6. Does a man’s belt need to match his shoes?
  7. What kind of fragrance is acceptable for men and women in an interview?
  8. What is the best professional bag (canvas bag, handbag, urban satchel, backpack) to carry your resume? 
  9. Do I need to be as dressed up as in person for the virtual interview? 
  10. Is a suit necessary if where I’m interviewing is business casual?  

If any of these questions cause you to lose sleep, pop off a quick email, and I’ll be happy to answer –

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