Thinking before you speak has a whole new meaning today…

Yes, the expression of thinking before speaking is far from new, but never more important or relevant. Can an entire week go by without hearing the news of yet another foot-in-mouth moment – doubtful!

Yet, with all of the social media and quick sound bites as part of the news, one would think people would take greater care with what comes a-tumblin’ out of their mouths!

So let’s check off what is required of today’s exceptional communicator:

  • To be verbally responsible – no words, expressions and/or offensive clichés (yes, that includes the “having a senior moment” comments)
  • To be generationally “hip” – either you demonstrate you are current and relevant or you are “toast” - as in dismissed
  • To be gender knowledgeable by using the appropriate pronouns
  • To be multi-culturally aware and sensitive – yes, this requires some homework, but as a global citizen understands, it is crucial
  • To be aware of (and work toward eliminating) bad verbal habits such as excessive um’s, like, you know what I mean, no problem, uh-huh, etc.
  • To be verbally diplomatic – kindness has never mattered more
  • To be assertive – speak up and say what you mean…but don’t be mean about it
  • To be authentic – be the real deal that can be trusted to their face and behind their back

The bottom line is simply this – you say it, you own it.

So how would people score you on the checklist I’ve provided?

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