What’s holding you back... self-doubt?

Self-doubt – there, I’ve said it. Some people have trouble self-motivating, letting self-doubt paralyze them. Often they describe themselves as procrastinators when in reality, they don’t possess the courage to move forward.

So, what’s holding you back from achieving more, doing more, being more? Is that little voice in your head causing you to delay what you really want to do while throwing distractions in your path? Perhaps those distractions allow you to feel that you’re okay, and you’ll get refocused soon enough as you ply yourself with comfortable excuses.

Here’s a reality check… it is the third month of the year. How close are you toward reaching your 2022 goals or resolutions? Are you on target, or have you already abandoned some of your goals, thinking them to be too lofty?

It is easy to become complacent, especially when we’re doing okay. What’s the urgency, you may ask? Well, maybe you need a little nudge…I know I do from time to time. Aah…things feel comfortable, so why push forward when the spot we’re in feels soooo good!

If you’re lacking the courage to try something new, meet new people, go back to school, tackle a demanding project at work, then have a sit-down with yourself. Analyze the “why” before you beat yourself up too much. What do you need to do to bolster your courage to take on those opportunities sans excuses?

Step one: revisit your goals

Step two: prioritize and rearrange as necessary

Step three: assign a timeline to each priority

Step four: get started

Step five: pay attention to those pesky distractions (yes, social media is fun) and determine what deserves the lion’s share of your time

Step six: measure your success each day

Step seven: don’t doubt yourself – go with your gut, and you’ll be right nearly 100% of the time

Now that you’re letting yourself out of a self-imposed prison sentence, take a deep breath and take in the freedom that awaits you—the freedom of accountability to yourself and your talent.

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