The political landscape is a mess…

Yes, both the Republican and Democratic parties are officially in a battle of words, barbs and downright insults and name-calling. And like many people, I am fed up with the antics.

I believe that during the war of words between the parties, there might be the assumption that the pablum spoon-fed public will believe ANYTHING! Certainly, some would prefer to be spoon-fed as that may seem like the easiest path to take. Besides, who wouldn’t trust their politician of choice? Yes, I wrote that with a straight face!

So we the public are left with doing our own fact-checking, sorting through the half-truths, using our intuitive sense to eliminate the political “spin.” Phew… I’m exhausted already – isn’t there a news channel or media source that could debrief me?

I like simple truths, plain facts… but no, the competing talking heads in the media are deliberately confusing me. Or are they? I keep thinking that the politicians believe the quote from the Jack Nicholson movie, “You can’t handle the truth!”

Really? Do politicians believe we the people will be blindly led, coerced into following their ideals rather than our own consciences? That would be, YES they do believe we can be easily manipulated because many have allowed themselves to fall under their spell.


I’m very willing to listen to both sides of an argument, to both points of view. But please, give it to me straight. No fear mongering, no thinly-veiled threats, no pandering.


A promise I’ve made to myself – I’m not quoting any politician on the facts without having done my research. I want to know so I can truly say my choice is an informed one. Will this require an investment of my time? You bet, but it’s an investment in my future and the future of this country, my country.


Hubris and ignorance are costly…could be our demise as a society if we don’t learn to stand up to the political bullies and grow a backbone. And let them know WE did our homework!


My favorite four-letter word (or at least one of them) – VOTE!

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