Taking (Making) Time for the Little Things That Matter...

Hard to believe we are nearly wrapping up the second quarter of 2019. Where does the time go? I consider myself decent at managing my time, but still remind myself of the less than obvious items for which I need to make time.

Things I need to make more time for include:

  • Remembering to say thank you
  • Scheduling impromptu lunches/coffee to reconnect with people to share some laughs
  • Sending “I’m thinking of you” notes/cards in the postal mail – I’m partial to cards by Papyrus
  • Walking with nature – stop, breathe it all in
  • Being still with myself – no noise, interruptions or chatter (turn off my mind)
  • Sending an email or text with hugs, xoxo and other acronyms to spread the love to those I love

I’m much more guarded with my time before I just give it up to whatever is clamoring for it, but I’m also finding the time to do things I used to put on the back burner. Certain items have been bumped up on my list of priorities as I approach the allocation of my time differently.

As I plan for my time allotments, I ask myself – what is my time worth? I’m becoming more appreciative of its currency value relative to the return on the investment I’m making. Certain things such as time with those you love – priceless. Another meeting that doesn’t accomplish much, well that’s another story. Clearing my head with a walk in the park or taking the time to hop on the treadmill – definitely a wise investment of my time.

So as I give of my time, I ask is the price too high, should I be investing in other places? Everything has a value attached to it. What is important to one person may not be the same for another. For instance, I don’t invest time in playing video games, but for some people it is a way of relaxing and they are more productive after their brief escape when they return to reality.

So how is your time being invested – did you benefit, did someone else benefit? If you can answer yes, then your time was obviously well-spent.

And on that note…I need to take (invest) some time to write some notes, call my mother and post some tweets.

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