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Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week

Yes, the week to bump-up our kindness, even more, is right around the corner…it is the much celebrated Random Acts of Kindness week – February 10th-16th. So, you might be thinking, "hmmm, what are random acts of kindness?" Here are a few of my thoughts and suggestions to help get you ready:

  • Shovel (snow blow) your neighbor’s driveway – especially those who are elderly
  • Send thank you notes – letting people know they are appreciated
  • Drop off a basket of goodies to a work department to express appreciation of their collaborative efforts with you/your team
  • Invite someone to lunch for no reason other than to share great conversation and each other’s company
  • Surprise someone with flowers who doesn’t get out much (I’m thinking of my own mother)
  • Send someone a Starbucks’ card with the note – “the next latte is on me!”
  • Speaking of Starbucks…pay for the drink of the person behind you in line
  • Send an email with just a few words to let someone know their work efforts have been noticed and are valued
  • Stop by a homeless shelter and make a donation
  • Give pet supplies to a dog rescue group
  • Give someone your seat on the train who needs it – you’ll be able to tell just by looking at their face exactly who needs to sit
  • Take a meal to someone who is lonely – perhaps they have lost their partner
  • Send balloons to someone who needs a lift – yes, the pun is intended
  • Offer to watch someone’s children to give them a break
  • Focus and truly listen with empathy – give someone the extra time they need
  • Take healthy snacks to a meeting to share with everyone
  • Put a small gift (chocolate bar) on someone’s desk with a note – “I appreciate you!”
  • Give a little extra in a tip to a server – always appreciated
  • Take the time to fill out a comment card to recognize good service and name the person who provided it
  • If someone only has a few items, let them go ahead of you in the grocery line

And… by keeping kindness top of mind, you’ll discover many random opportunities await – not just for one week, but indeed every week!

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