Planes, trains, and automobiles...

...counting the miles, the smiles…and the delays!

As a road warrior with more miles under my belt than I care to admit, I’ve had the occasion to experience flight delays and other transportation dilemmas. But the current delays (postponements) that have been forced upon us – all of us – by COVID-19 is a true test of our strength and perseverance. Business has all but come to a standstill as we await the green light to return to business as usual – a new, improved usual, I hope!

So, I’m reminding myself I always have a choice to manage my attitude in the face of what feels so uncertain. As I observe the temper tantrums of people who take out their anger of being inconvenienced by hoarding, I remind myself of the importance of patience and a heavy dose of civility. And common decency!

We have grown accustomed to instantaneous gratification – we don’t have to wait for much of anything…! And oh, the many conveniences of life that we have taken for granted such as a Starbucks on nearly every corner. And surplus food, not to mention toilet tissue on the shelves!

So when inconvenienced, delayed or disappointed, we don’t like it, not one bit.

The one thing I know for certain is the only thing I can manage is myself – not other people’s bad behavior. So even though I’m tempted to occasionally “school” someone on the topic of manners, I realize the best thing I can do is set a good example. And lend my support by being extra kind to those taking the brunt of it all.

Yes, I’m inconvenienced, delayed, and disappointed, but I’m still connected and sucking it up! And continuing to smile!

My goal is to come out of the COVID-19 crisis with lessons learned, a few projects finished, and a renewed “can-do’ attitude.

And may we continue to demonstrate gratitude in abundance for all serving on the front line of keeping us healthy as a nation, as a people.

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