No New Normal for Me!

I’m not looking forward to a new normal…I’m looking forward to a new BETTER! My musings on this are pretty simple…if we haven’t learned anything that makes us “better” humans during this pandemic, then we deserve what we get in the future.

What do I mean by better…

  • Greater appreciation of what we have rather than focusing on what we don’t have…

  • Patience – goodness knows there has been a shortage of that, and frankly during this pandemic, what’s the hurry?

  • Be in the moment – yes, even if forced, make eye contact with those in your current space, acknowledge them, and maybe even smile!

  • Don’t take yourself too seriously – chill, take a deep breath, and let things just gooooooo….

  • Check-in more often with people in your sphere to see how they’re doing, what they might need, show you’re not too busy for them

  • Become more involved in your community – volunteer, participate, be a good neighbor

  • Embrace the needed changes – remember how travel changed after 9/11, and now it is what we expect as part of our safety protocols?

  • Save more money, be more financially prudent, have a rainy day fund…

  • Don’t panic – trust the scientists, the medical professionals, and mom (for good measure!)

  • Avoid listening to the negative propaganda, not the facts – I always ask myself, what is their motive?


I am working on my new better, and I find it liberating. Will things work out for my business the way I hope…only time will tell. But for darn sure, I’m not playing a wait and see game…I am working on new iterations of my business plan. I’m not going to wait and discover I’m on the Titanic – I’m scouring the waters now for “better” transportation to my destination.

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