What resonated with me during the Olympics…

As I’m having a bit of Olympic fever withdrawal, I’m reflecting on my takeaway moments…

  • People are proud of and love their countries
  • The Japanese hosts did a fabulous job as they tied in bits of their history, music, literature, and fashion contributions
  • Both opening and closing ceremonies were true spectacles full of surprises
  • As a society, we expect the losers to, well…lose gracefully – we witnessed many who did and others who certainly need a talking to on their manners
  • We held our breath during the Olympians’ feats of prowess and fluid grace…in the water, in the air, on the track, on the floor – impressive each of them!
  • We joined the family members watching virtually and felt their joy and anguish
  • Aah, the proud flag-waving at every opportunity, the medal count scores we watched anxiously
  • The lack of spectators did create a different feel for viewers and Olympians alike
  • Much-needed debates on the Olympians’ attire (or lack thereof): the look, the fit, the exposure, and the gender requirement differences – this debate is far from over!
  • Too much chatter from anchors/reporters during moments that are best savored when viewed uninterrupted
  • Moments of sheer courage and raw emotion that brought me to tears and not always by the medal winners
  •  Final note – the mantra during this pandemic, “we are all in this together,” resonated during the Olympics as we looked at the faces of our global citizens

Yes, another successful Olympic Summer Games, albeit not without its challenges!

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