I choose kindness because that’s how I roll…

I believe that attitude is an option – choose a good one, a positive one, or lump in with the negative thinkers. And negativity is on the rise, don’t you think? So many jaded, cynical comments are thrown in our direction daily. 

I’m often taken to task on being too kind, too nice – usually followed by the admonishing comment, “you’ll get taken advantage of by someone.” And naïve I’m not, nor is my guard down when it shouldn’t be. Okay, yes, I grab the change and dollars (or more) when I encounter street people. Oh, I can see the looks on your faces now as you read this! 

But kindness isn’t conditional; it’s a state of mind…it’s just how I roll. I can’t help myself. I choose not to walk past or refuse to make eye contact with those in need. I open the envelopes requesting donations and not just at the holidays when we all want to feel good. 

So is this state of mind that I choose related to my EQ? EQ is being discussed and embraced as a measure of the person regarding levels of empathy and display of soft skills. EQ is touted as even more critical to a person’s success than IQ. Emotional intelligence has always intrigued and fascinated me, and now the data is before us to support its relevance.

So does a high EQ mean that the person is soft, gentle, quiet, and reserved? No, not at all – bubbly extroverts, as well as introverts, can have a high EQ. From what I’ve read and researched, a high EQ is an indicator of relatability, someone who is in touch with their own feelings and able to synchronize and empathize with others.

 Good listeners demonstrate a high EQ – another example that they are not self-absorbed and can focus on what others are saying. And we can certainly benefit from working/living among better listeners! 

So yes…I go to a place of kindness first. A place without judgment, without superiority, and without the fear of being taken advantage of – it’s just how I roll. 

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