A Top Ten Mixing & Mingling Countdown

Yes, the holidays are fast approaching, so the opportunities to give our mixing and mingling skill set a test run loom ahead. For fun, let’s do a countdown of some of the top tips and things to mull over, shall we?

#10 R.S.V.P. means respond within a few days of receipt of invitation – calling on your cell phone as you’re arriving does not count!

#9 – The new number one public fear is how to mix and mingle – so you’re not alone if you’re feeling nervous. But don’t be a wallflower, get out there and mingle!

#8 – It is impossible to manage both a cocktail plate of food and a drink simultaneously – no, you cannot balance your plate of food on top of your glass! Well, maybe you can, but you shouldn’t – that is an accident just waiting to happen.

#7 – And speaking of food – your cocktail plate of hors-d'oeuvres should not be stacked high – don’t make it obvious that you missed lunch!

#6 – Do not hover near the buffet table or beverage station – that’s where people who are not good at mixing and mingling position themselves in order to be rescued!

#5 – When being introduced to someone, visualize their first name (spell it in your head) as you hear it to help you remember it for more than 30 seconds – I promise you this works!

#4 – Plan in advance of any occasion two or three things of interest that you are prepared to talk about that others would find interesting – and the weather does not count!

#3 – Alcohol etiquette is not an oxymoron! Don’t imbibe more than you should (the two-drink limit is wise) and know how to give an impromptu toast.

#2 – Everyone communicates in thousands of different ways non-verbally, so make sure you know what your face is communicating when they are droning on and on…!

#1 – Just thought you’d be interested in knowing, people view you 40% more often from a rear profile than face to face! So as you prepare your exit strategy…!

Happy Mixing & Mingling!

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