Parasites need love, too!

I’m ruminating about parasites in general. The type that hangs on and attempts to suck the life-force right out of you and I’m referring to people. Yep, you know what I’m talking about, don’t you?!

There are needy people in all of our lives who require an extra push, a positive shove in the right direction or at the very least an encouraging pep talk. And boy oh boy, can they be a drain on one’s energy level. You see them coming or calling (that’s when caller ID helps), and you take a deep breath to stabilize yourself.

Sure, we all need someone to lean on from time to time. Someone to play devil’s advocate as we find ourselves in a decision-making quandary. But there are those who seem to have turned whining, complaining, kvetching into a sport. And they know who to make a bee-line for at work, at networking events – not to mention their emails and texts.

Admit it…there are people you avoid and I bet it’s not those who add a ray of sunshine to your day, but rather those who bring the gloomy gray clouds. Because I’m on multiple social media platforms, I notice many people mentioning how they ignore the negative posts and choose not to respond.

It’s human nature to gravitate toward the positive – positivity is contagious! So the next time you choose to be negative and lean on someone for support, remember you are tapping into their energy reserve.

No one likes to think of themselves as a parasite, but are you feeding off of their positive attributes? After you’ve sucked out what you needed to move forward, did you attempt to replenish them with…anything? A thank-you note would be nice!

My shoulders are wide enough that I will allow someone in need to perch for a while, but don’t get too comfortable as there is a line forming. Really…you thought you were the only one?

And don’t forget to pay it forward – remembering what someone did for you!

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